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Hello, fellow volunteers and supporters--
On Wednesday, September 14th, we distributed food to a total of 82 clients including 2 first-time clients and 80 for whom this was not their first visit.  They represented a total of 171 household members including 7 new recipients.  This distribution left thirty-four pre-assembled bags in the closet for emergency distribution and to begin preparing for our October 12 distribution in another week.
While all contributions are  welcome, donations of food to the pantry between now and our next distribution on Oct. 12 would be most helpful if they concentrated on the above foods. As you may know, clients who receive SNAP benefits, formerly called food stamps, are not able to spend their benefits on needed paper goods, diapers, and any other non-food household supplies.  While not the primary mission of the Barre Food Pantry, donations in any of these categories are most welcome too. 
Clients, volunteers, friends and supporters have responded so enthusiastically to our request for clean empty egg cartons that we are back to having enough in hand that we are challenged to find storage for them until they can be used.  So if you have been saving empty egg cartons for the Food Pantry, we ask you to hang on to them for a while until our current supply depletes.  We’ll let you know when we need them again.  Thanks!

We have received the dollar figures the Federal government will be using in the coming year to qualify would-be clients for emergency food assistance.  These household income levels apply both to SNAP benefits and federally-provided (through the U.S. Department of Agriculture) food pantry aid.  
Thank you for all your help and support.  We really couldn't do it without you.

Oakham Center School donated an additional 70 lbs. of food and New Braintree School donated 24 lbs. of food.

The Oakham Center School collected Collected 71 lbs. of food for the food bank during its May food drive. The school will be continuing the food drive till June 17th.  The New Braintree School will be joining the food drive and will also continue till June 17th.  Contact information is Karen Miller at kmiller@qrsd.org or Michelle Bertrand 774-757-7888 for more information. The food bank serves Oakham, Barre and New Braintree with monthly food distributions and  emergency food deliveries.


Drop off non-perishables at the library or the Barre Family Health Center.

The Oakham Senior Center had a food drive on Dec. 22, 2015 and collected 100lbs. of food for the Barre Food Pantry. Thank you to all the seniors.

Thanks to the generosity of our communities, we are once again remarkably well-supplied with food to distribute in  January 2016.

At our distribution on Nov. 11, we gave out 109 pre-assembled bags of groceries to clients. One hundred and four households were served, comprising 230 people, including 2 households with a total of 4 individuals who had never used our pantry before.

Thanks to the office staff at Quabbin Regional Middle School for their cash donation to the food pantry in the name of their Middle School Principal Mrs. Susanne Musnicki.

Thanks to the generosity of our communities, and especially food drives through the Oakham Center School and the Hardwick and New Braintree Elementary Schools, we are remarkably well-supplied with food to distribute on Dec. 9 at our December distribution.

Oakham and New Braintree Schools Food Drive

Thanks to Ms. Miller, Oakham Student Council, and the students and teachers of Oakham Center School and New Braintree Grade School for all their donation from their recent food drive. The schools collected 60 lbs. of miscellaneous. items (personal hygiene, baby items, snacks, mixed canned goods, etc.), 14 rice, 21 pasta, 51 baked/mixed beans, 50 green beans, 46 corn, 18 peas, 21 cereal, 39 pasta sauce, 51 tuna, 85 soups, 51 mac and cheese, 40 fruits, 40 canned pasta, 7 carrots, 10 peanut butter. These items will be passed out for the food distribution on Dec. 9,2015. We look forward to partnering with them again later in the school year for another food drive.

The Barre Congregational Church collected approx. 50 lbs. of food/personal hygiene (household products) on Nov. 22. Thank you all for the generous donations.

Cub Scouts Food Drive in Oakham

Cub Scout Pack 144 canvassed Oakham neighborhoods  in early November, dropping off donation bags for the Food Bank and returning a week later to collect the donations.

The scouts collected 36 cans of green bean, 5 peas, 26 corn, 36 pasta sauce, 30 canned pasta, 61 mac and cheese, 48 baked beans, 48 soups, 15 rice, 48 tuna, 25 cereal, and some odds and ends. The bags filled 2 pickup truck beds and have been added to the Food Bank pantry for December distribution.

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2016 Food Pantry Distribution Dates

January 13
February 10
March 9
April 13
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August 10
September 14
October 12
November 9
December 14

Food Drives
OAKHAM - November 2015

Oakham/New Braintree Cub Scouts Pack 144
is planning a town-wide food drive on Nov. 7 and 14.
The Scouts will drop off bags with letters explaining the drive at Oakham homes on Nov. 7 and be back to collect bags filled with non-perishable items on Nov. 14. The Contact Melinda Dennis at 508-882-3837 for food drive information.

Contact Michelle Bertrand at the food bank
 774-757-7888 for information about how  your group can hold a food drive.

Call Sonja - we can always use volunteers to help
set up the monthly distribution, carry groceries for clients each month or help deliver to shut-ins.
For information about volunteering call Sonja @ (978) 355-6921. For emergency assistance or answers to other questions call Chuck @ (978) 355-6463 We will return your call.

November 2011

The Barre Food Bank Has Moved!

 The Barre Food Bank is relocating to the Barre Congregational Church on the Common in Barre after more than 30 years at Christ Church Episcopal in South Barre. We are changing our name to the Barre Food Pantry.

The Barre Congregational Church Food Pantry will now operate in the Congregational Church on Park Street. Contact the food pantry by phone at 978-355-4519 or 978-355-4041. Send mail to:

Barre Congregational Church Food Pantry
Barre Congregational Church
P.O. Box 936
Barre MA 01005

The Food Bank was founded by the Christ Church congregation and has received unflagging support from the members for all these years. It is with a mixture of sadness and enduring gratitude that the Food Bank is moving.

The Barre Food Pantry is grateful that the members of the Barre Congregational Church have opened their doors to us, so that we can continue to serve the community well into the future.

Distribution dates and times remain the same, but beginning next month, volunteers and clients should go to the:

Barre Congregational Church
Park Street
On The Common
Barre, Massachusetts

We⦣128;™ll see you between 10:00 am & 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 9, 2011 at the Barre Congregational Church!

December 2010
Barre Food Bank Gets Holiday Support!

The Barre/Christ Church Food Bank provided groceries to more than 100 area families at its December distribution. The food bank provides fresh produce, meat, dry goods, canned goods and other grocery items to area families throughout the year.

David Petrovick, food bank director, said many local food bank supporters held
fundraisers, food drives, volunteer assistance and gave money to enable the food bank program.

"The Barre Food Bank has been able to meet the increased needs of its clients due to the economic recession and has been able to offer a record amount of food at the same time," Petrovick said.

He said the work "would not been possible" without donations and fundraisers from Barre Foods, American Legion Post 404, Cub Scout Pack 26 and the Girl Scouts for their food drives. Quabbin Regional Schools held food drives. Donations also came from the Oakham Congregational Church; Oakham Country Day School; St. Thomas a Becket Church, St. Joseph's Women's Guild; Barre Friday Club; Barre Congregational Church; Covenant Evangelical Church; First Parish Church; The Barre Family Health Center; and the Barre Business Association;

Also: The Barre Gazette; Barre Family Pharmacy; The Barre Masons; The Barre Lions Club; The Barre Riding and Driving Club; Weight Watchers; Barre Police Association; The Woods Memorial Library and the Barre Senior Center; The Christ Episcopal Church; Carter and Stevens Farm; Hancock Farm; The Country Hen; Barre Savings Bank; and our many continuing supporters.

Petrovick also thanked the food bank's volunteers. "It is only through their time and energy all year long that this work is possible," he said.

You can help our work in the  community by Sponsoring a Food Drive, by making a donation or by giving of your time.

For information about volunteering call Sonja @ (978) 355-6921. For emergency assistance or answers to other questions call Chuck @ (978) 355-6463 We will return your call.

The Barre Food Pantry is located at the Barre Congregational Church on Park Street.